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Bri – the Copenhagen Tolkien Society


(Note: This page is the only one that is translated into English, since the Tolkien society of Bri is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and so far only has Danish-speaking members. For further information in English, or for general questions about Bri, please feel free to contact us at kontakt @ bri . dk, minus spaces. )

Bri (English: Bree) is a small town in Tolkien’s world, Arda. Lying at a crossroads, Bri is frequented by many people of all nationalities, which is the primary reason for the name of the society. We aim to offer people a good time in a Tolkienesque spirit and to make all members feel at home, regardless of their Middle Earth alias.

Bri was founded in 1996 as members of the Danish online community Imladris and the now extinct Tolkiens Følge felt that Denmark lacked a society where members came together for various Tolkien-related activities such as banquets, discussions and guilds. Currently, Bri hosts two banquets each year as well as numerous other, smaller events, and also makes appearances at conventions, concerts and events related to Tolkien and fantasy in general. We are always happy to meet with Tolkien societies from other countries!

Bri regularly publishes a magazine in Danish called “Pipeurten” (Pipeweed). This is available to all members, as well as “wanderers”. Wanderers are those who wish to be members of Bri but cannot participate in most of our events due to lack of time, distance or other circumstances. A wanderer membership is 125 DKK per calendar year, while a full membership is 300 DKK. For information about membership and Pipeurten, please contact us at the mail address above.

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